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Survey taken from myztic_beauty~ ^^ - Michiru
Survey taken from myztic_beauty~ ^^

My name is: Sirené
-nicknames: Michiru, Kaiou-hime (mostly for user names and such), Kiki, Princess, and... others I can't think of at the moment. ^^;
-sex: Female
-birthday: August 21, 1985
-color: Teal, Aqua, Light Blue, & White
-star sign: Leo, with Scorpio moon & Gemini Ascendant.
-hair color: Light Golden-Brown
-eye color: Turquoise
-height: 5'1
-writing hand: Right

-do you bite your nails: Yes
-can you roll your tongue: Yes
-can you blow smoke rings: Never tried..
-Can you blow spit bubbles: No, and probably never would. -.-;
-can you cross your eyes: Yes
-tattoos and where: None, but I'm considering getting one.
-do you make your bed daily: Yes.. well, usually. ^-^;
-what’s sexiest on a guy: Hm..
-what’s sexiest on a girl: I'm very indecisive, you know..
-do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it: Twirl
-what utensils do you use eating pizza: Hands.
-do you cook: Occasionally.

-how often do you brush your teeth: Twice daily.
-do you shower/bathe: Usually once a day, if not twice. ^^;
-how long do these showers last: Um.. a long time..
-hair drying method: Sometimes I let it dry naturally, but it tends to get kind of wavy like that, so if I'm going somewhere, I blow-dry.
-do you swear: Not often.
-do you pee in the shower: No. x_x
-what color is your bedroom: Cerulean Blue.
-do you use an alarm clock: Rarely.
-name four things or people you're obsessed with:
1. Anime ^^;
2. Art
3. Music
4. Internet.. -.-;

-What’s your sleeping position: Foetus position.. I remember watching the news one time and they were discussing sleeping postions and how they indicate what kind of personality you have. ^^ Apparently, I am tough on the outside but sensitive at heart, and I'm shy when meeting people. o.o It's very accurate, actually.
-in hot weather do you use a blanket: Yes, I like being warm.
-do you sleepwalk: I have once, but.. I would say no.
-do you talk in your sleep: I don't think so..?
-how about the light on: No, thank you.

had sex: ^^; Honestly, I think that is too personal to share in a public journal..
watched bambi: When I was little?
cried: Today, because I miss my fish. ;-; (Yes, I'm strange.. but I was very attached to him.)
talked on the phone: Um.. yesterday.
read a book: Last night

is music important to you: Very much so..
do you sing: Yes.. But that is not to say that I am particularly good at it.
what instruments do you play: Piano, violin, clarinet, saxophone (a little), & I'm going to get my friend to teach me the guitar. (And if she's really really nice, she'll teach me the flute, too.. :p)
what do you think of Eminem: I don't care for his music.
in your opinion what band is the best of all time: To me, there is no best band of all time.. ^^;

pop music: Some
rock music: Yes
punk music: Yes
rap music: A little
hip-hop/RB: No
country: No
jazz: Yes
classical: Yes
new age: Yes
hardcore: Yes
indie rock: Yes
emo: Yes

What do you notice first?: Personality. No, I'm serious. ^^;
Do you have a crush on anyone?: No
Easiest to talk to?: ... What?

Could you live without the computer?: Yes, but I would rather not.
What’s your favorite fruit?: I like... raspberries. But I like fruit, so it's hard to decide on a favourite..
What hurts the most? Physical or emotional pain?: Emotional
Trust others way too easily?: No.

Of times you have had your heart broken?: Three
Of hearts you have broken?: Too many..
Of guys kissed?: Three
Of girls kissed?: One
Of drugs taken illegally?: One
Of tight friends?: Possibly one..
Of CD's owned?: 150+

I know: I should become more independent.
I want: Too many things.
I have: More than I deserve, I'm sure..
I wish: People, in general, could be less selfish and more loving..
I hate: Hate?
I fear: Rejection
I hear: Music.. ^^;
I ache: Everywhere!! (I just came back from working out. ;-;)
I care: About almost everyone I meet, particularly those that I love and have loved - whether I want to admit it or not.
I always: Have to release creative energy in some form or another.
I dance: Rarely.. only if the occasion calls for it. I love ballet, and I took dance all throughout High School, but I have no opportunities to continue now. ^^;
I cry: During movies a lot. ^^;
I write: Too many stories that I never complete.
I confuse: Many people.. o.o;
I can usually be found: At home, at the gym, or shopping. ^^;
Have you ever played a game that required removal of clothing: Saa.. ^^

-ARE YOU A...-

Wuss: Not really.
Gang member: No
Daydreamer: Yes
Freak: ... Maybe.
Brat: I can be.
Sarcastic: Sometimes.
Goody-goody: No
Angel: No
Evil: Some people have thought so. -.-;
Friend: Hm.. I think when it comes to that, I'm a "work in progress". ^^; I like being alone, I'm rather anti-social, and I'm afraid of becoming too attached to anyone.
Shy: Yes
Adventurous: Yes, but not reckless... usually.
Intelligent: I like to think so. ^^;


Your best feature [personality]: Empathy
Most annoying thing you do: Hm.. I'm forgetful, and I always tend to be late in returning e-mails and phone calls. -.-;
Biggest mistake you've made this far: I'd rather not say - also a bit too personal.
Describe your personality in one word: Capricious
A smell that makes you smile: Clinique Happy. I love it. ^^
A city you'd like to visit: Los Angeles
A drink you order most often: Tea
The music you prefer while alone: It depends on what my mood is.
A TV show you watch regularly: None, lately..
You live in: My room. :p

Current Mood: sleepy sleepy
Current Music: Rachmaninov ~ Piano Concerto No. 2 in C Minor, Op. 18

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excessa From: excessa Date: April 9th, 2004 08:45 am (UTC) (Link)
Sirene is a really cool name ! Are you from France ?
memoryofpetals From: memoryofpetals Date: April 9th, 2004 09:50 am (UTC) (Link)
She's from under the sea. ^~
From: kaiouhime Date: April 13th, 2004 11:03 am (UTC) (Link)

*laughs* Amanda speaks the truth.. ^~;
From: kaiouhime Date: April 13th, 2004 11:01 am (UTC) (Link)

Thank you, and no, I'm not from France. :)
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