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Sharingan contact lenses.. o.o;

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Thank you for the thoughtful comments regarding my last entry. ♥ I have called my doctor about it and I have an appointment on Tuesday.

And, a couple silly icons I made for my own amusement.. ^^;

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*waits impatiently for PGSM to finish downloading* BitTorrent is so slow.. ¬_¬;

♥ Michiru

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[full size]

I tried to find a Haku wallpaper, couldn't find one, gave up, and made my own. It's a bit plain, but it works for me. (Well.. for now.)

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That's still a while from now, though. *impatient* I've been trying to find the scanlations on IRC, but I can't connect to the mirc-x server for some reason, and #fet is the only place I know of to get them. sigh.

Oh - the layout may take a bit longer than I thought, given that I'm trying to draw my own image to use for it. 'Trying' being the key word. I'm not an exceptional artist, by any means, but I like to think I'm okay at it.. my main problem, I think, is I'm lazy. And usually, not particularly motivated. And to top it off, I'm also a perfectionist. Doesn't make much sense, does it..? o.o So, we'll see what happens. It's actually turning out decent, I think, but it wouldn't be unlike me to get bored or frustrated with it and discard it entirely. -.-;

There's this beautiful Japanese fanart piece of Oishi and Eiji, with fish floating around and it looks like they're underwater.. (reminds me a bit of a Michiru/Haruka doujinshi cover, actually) .. and I love it, and I would love to use it, but I can't. ;-; And I wish I could make a picture like it, but that would still be wrong. Damn.

Oh, well, I have to go.. we're leaving to pick up my father from the hospital.

Bye! ♥

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This journal has just been created, in replacement of michirukaioh. Please excuse the plainness of it, for now.. I will create a layout for it soon. If I have added you and you would like me to remove you from my list, comment here, and I will do so. If you would like to add me, please feel free. :)


[EDIT] Oh, by the way, I apologize to those of you that were on my friends list @ michirukaioh before & noticed the unadding/readding thing. ^^; I had experimented with the idea of making michirukaioh a shared journal, so I could post from _sirene and not bother with having to log in and out.. but it turned out to be very frustrating, and it limited my posting options, so I decided against it. *shrug*

Current Music: Yami no Matsuei ~ Amethyst Remembrance

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